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About Us

Wacky Walks is a unique walking tour. It is similar to a board game in which the power, or control shifts from one player to another, and instead of a board, you’ll be navigating the streets of your city with your smartphone to complete the game.


The objective of the game is to have fun, learn some facts about your city, be a little wacky, and enjoy the company of whoever you are playing with. With that being said, Wacky Walks will start out by designating who will be the first King or Queen (kind of like a Team Captain), but don’t worry, that could soon change. You’ll then go out on checkpoints throughout the city.


At each checkpoint, the players will need to answer a question about the checkpoint and the players, or “pawns” as we call them will perform a task for the King or Queen.


Wacky Walks is done completely on foot and usually takes about two hours to complete. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a remote/virtual guide that will be available in case you get stuck.


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Customer Reviews

Hundreds of REAL reviews from REAL customers!

Rated 4.2/5 on Groupon out of 215+ Reviews!

It was extremely fun and a great way to really make a stronger bond in any relationship!!


It was silly and lots of fun!


Keep doing what you're doing. We had a blast and would love to do it again!


Had great facts and things
around the city!!!


This was fun for us and the kids to do.


Choose Your Location

Playing is simple. Just purchase a ticket, register, then go to the starting location, and follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email. We do not have offices or people to meet up with in each city, everything is provided through your smartphone.

We have locations to play all over North America. From Orlando to Vancouver, there is most likely a city near you. 

Click below to find the perfect city for your Wacky Walk!


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