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Thornton, CO

Team Building with Wacky Walks

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In charge of planning the next team building activity? Don’t worry, we can help! Wacky Walks are created to establish bonds between team members while improving team morale, improving team building skills and making memories! The Team Building Version of Wacky Walks comes with 6 more challenges that allow your teams to get to know each other better or work together to complete a common tasks.

Wacky Walks is a royalty themed scavenger hunt service. It is similar to a board game, in which the power, or control, of the game shifts from one player to another and instead of a board, you'll be exploring the streets of your city with your smartphone to complete the game.

Wacky Walks will start out by designating who will be the first King or Queen. The Royal Highness will then direct the other players to locate items and participate in challenges throughout the kingdom (your city). You'll use our scavenger hunt app to prove you've found correct items and completed the challenges correctly.

The goal of the scavenger hunt service is to find all the items and complete the challenges, & to have fun with family and friends in your city! Wacky Walks is done completely on foot and usually takes about two hours to complete. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a remote guide that will be available in case you get stuck.

Image by Eliott Reyna

Suggested Starting Location

Thornton Wacky Walks

Civic Center Park

9500 Civic Center Dr

Thornton, CO 80229

Time: About 2 hours

Distance: About 2 miles

Suggested Transportation: Walking

How to Sign Up for a Team Building Game with Wacky Walks

Image by Zachary Nelson

To purchase a team building scavenger hunt, head to our ticket page first to purchase your tickets. Once you have your tickets, you can  redeem your tickets to play. If you have 10 or more players, head to our Group Events page instead. Don't forget to purchase the Team Building Specialty version when you purchase to get your special team building scavenger hunt!

Perfect Occasions for Wacky Walks

Wacky Walks is great for more than just team building activities. Check out all the occasions Wacky Walks is perfect for!


Bachelorette Parties with Wacky Walks


Birthday Parties with Wacky Walks


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Wacky Walks


Wacky Walks

Corporate Events

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